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Politics Louie Gohmert for Speaker of the House


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Just back in November we were all ready to accept that Boehner would be the Speaker of the House in the new Congress. Some are so fed up with Boehner that there may actually be a legitimate challenger.

A Heavy Hitter Just Announced He

Louie Gohmert certainly isn't my first choice (my first choice would be Trey Gowdy) but he'd be better than Boehner by a long shot and I would fully support my representative in voting for him.

There is the technical possibility that a Democrat could win the position of Speaker of the House when there are multiple challengers but I don't think that's going to happen. The Republicans aren't that dumb.


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Gohmert is pretty awesome. I don't care what your politics are, this guy has launched a long shot bid that will probably destroy him politically. You gotta respect him for that.

Honestly, the worst thing for me is the fear of who won't stand with Gohmert. I love Joe "you lie" Wilson. I live 10 minutes from him and see him around a good bit. I've got a bad feeling he won't support Gohmert. I love Trey Gowdy and Nick Mulvaney also. I have no clue what those 2 will do.