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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 23, 2008.

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    Lets discuss about the Iron Horse.

    After Babe Ruth Gehrig is my favorite player, I would just love to watch this guy hit. He had a lifetime batting average of .340, hit 24 grand slams in his career, finished seven home runs shy of 500.

    He was also loved by every Yankee fans out there. He didn't drink alcohol like Ruth did, he didn't party till 3am and beyond like Ruth did, he cared about his family and baseball.

    Him and Ruth made the best one two punch ever in my opinion. I think there was a little comptetion between the two, especially for Ruth, I believed that he didn't like it to much when Gehrig hit a home run, because for the longest time Ruth was known as the best home run hitter, then comes this young kid that starts hitting some bombs as well.

    It was ashame that he died so early, but everyone will remember him because of his famous speech, which I believe is one of the greatest speeches ever told.

    What do you think of the Iron Horse?

    Where do you rank him in your greatest players list?


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    He was "salt of the earth" and a true gentleman. He was great offensively and defensively. He also had an incredible work ethic and training regimen, back when most players trained by lifting 12 oz beers. Physically, he was built like a thoroughbread. He had legs thicker than most people's waists. He was an insanely scary hitter, and if Ruth weren't stealing the limelight, he would have been "the man" in NY. His durability is legendary, and he actually played his last 2 seasons suffering symptoms of ALS (the disease that bears his name). As he declined and his death neared, he never lost his spirit. Always feeling like "tomorrow would be a better day."
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    That's one of the things that I respected of Lou Gehrig, it was that work ethic he had. He always wanted to get better and he knew that he couldn't get better if all he did was drink and party.

    I always thought that Gehrig streak was harder to reach then Ripkens streak, just because Gehrig played so many more double headers then he did, so when your playing two games a day it takes a bigger tole on your body then playing one game a day.

    I personally believe that Gehrig didn't want to be in the limelight, so I believe it was somewhat a blessing that he played with Ruth, Gehrig was a shy guy, who kept to himself most of the time and all he wanted to do is play the game he loved and that's baseball.

    Those are the reasons that he's my second favorite player.

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    This is true, the double headers that Lou played. Some argue that Ripken played more innings. That may be true but I didn't just consider Lou's DHs I checked some box scores and all were not early in Lou's career some in the 1930s when he was older. I found some box scores at least a dozen where Lou played 3 double headers in the span of 6 days. Some others two double headers then a single game and another DH, seven games in a span of 5 days. How do I know how many innings he played, I checked the at bats and in every game he had at least 4 at bats telling me he played all the game or almost all the game.

    I know Cal played coast to coast but Lou traveld by train, no air conditioning until the late 1930s, all day games in the heat of summer and wearing those heavy flannel uniforms.

    Hats off to Cal he did it in his time but overall Lou's time was more demanding.
    I always have Ruth as the greatest Yankee but Lou had to be one of the most valuable players to his team, including any other player, any other team. How many could hit like he could and be in the line up every day for 14 seasons every game. Cal a fine player and steady but no where near the hitter Lou was.
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