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Lotto Winner?


Registered Member
If you ever play the lottery and hit the jackpot what would you do with all the money?
Also do you believe it's fair that some lotteries are played with other states combined?

If you don't live in the US wherever you live then do you have any lottery where you are at?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
If I won some crazy huge lottery, I think I would give some of it to my parents, give some to charity, and then invest the rest of it and spend a lot of my time traveling. I would not go on some ridiculous spending spree. I don't need fancy cars or a massive house or anything like that. I don't play the Lottery though, so my chances of winning are 0% instead of 0%.


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This may sound selfish, But to be honest I would help us first before helping everyone else. I mean we are low income after all. First is to get all credit cards paid up including perhaps to get a higher grade card limit. All and any debts to be paid off like my school loan. I mean I would be a hypocrite to get people out of trouble to help their financial circumstances and to leave me in the ruins.

After all the one who bought Jesus' tomb was a rich man. His foundation of wealth was solid enough to buy this Holy and honorable place for Jesus our Messiah to rest in this place. So to help others we need or should have some reinforcement of money to support or strength to carry the weight.

How could I loan money if my sources were expired? In other words don’t just start throwing money out at everyone. Be a good steward and mange it well. Michael Jackson was depleting his wealth on lavish things constantly. He would never become as popular as he was back in the 80s. To gain his way back was to have everyone buy all his music in a new generation of listeners.

Now after paying all debt issues is finding another place to live, a house with better circumstances and more modern up to the times. Probably would remain in the middle class areas. I think we would make more friends in the middle class than the rich class. Besides spending should be realistic. But it does not make sense to remain in the low class areas especially the higher rate of getting things stolen. Can you imagine a nice house with nice things in your yard in a low class area? They would be tempted to steal or break in when you aren't home.

I’m sure we would get new furniture, new TV and DVD systems and all the latest set ups. I would get us a new wardrobe of clothes. Tired of wearing the same things year after year. Remember we live on low income. I don’t get these opportunities to have a lot of fun money wise. Of course take a vacation here and there but still planning carefully.

As for helping others I will take this a case by case which I would prefer to help those I personally know to help them. I worry sometimes giving to donations whether the money is used right. I like to help in a personal way knowing this money actually helped someone and not someone putting their hand in the jar using it for their own pleasure of spending.

I have a friend named Rey for example in the Philippines. He lives in more poor conditions. I will ask him what he needs and send along some help. I mean he is 75 and still has to work for a living. He does not have any medical insurance either. It is out of pocket pay. I would like to help my friend Mystic. She lives in a somewhat strict retirement home. I would relocate her in a nicer area with nice friends and neighbors hopefully along with that. She has been a good pen pal over ten years. I met her at a game site. I can help my sister as she needs a new vehicle. She has 4 children. She told me what trouble she is in at the auto repair rip off scams. Even in all these things I have to realize money still has a limit.

So that’s why I would carefully take things case by case. Because if I got too carried away we end up back where we are at now. So everything should still be planned as a budget. . This is what Donald Trump does. . He budgets his own spending. It's why on the Apprentice he is able to help charities. . So my method is the Donald Trump kind of thinking.


Registered Member
As the saying goes I play the lottery every blue moon..
Now if I were to hit it... first I would Thank God for bestowing this gracious blessing upon me.

Then and I don't understand why but need to pay the
taxes to Uncle Sam. ( I truly believe if you are to hit a certain amount then that's what it should be outright nd not need to worry about taxes.)

Then I would need to take care of medical problems that need to be paid for for myself and family members.
As my dad used to say to me If you don't have your health then nothing else matters.

Then I would either look for a new place to live or modernize from top to bottom this house I live in now.

I would stick a large amount of it in the bank.

Then I would see what kind of help family members may need.
Then friends if I can help them in some way. Last would be 4 charities..
1. Alzheimer- which my Dad passed away from
2. MRSA which my Mom passed away from.
3. A charity that helps babies and small children.
4. A charity for pets which I love animals.

I don't think I would want to travel only because I was not into traveling to begin with.
Besides with my luck whatever form of transportation I use something would happen.:rolleyes: ;)

Then last is to get whatever kind of necessities to live on..clothes, appliances and such.

Would I play the lottery again?... Most likely not because I am the kind of person that would like to give better odds to the next guy.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If it were just a million or two I would probably just share it with my son but if I won hundreds of millions I would have to give some of it away to family, friends, people in need and animal shelters but I would keep a substantial amount.


Registered Member
If I struck the jackpot the first thing I would do is get myself a nice little place for myself, somewhere where I could have the kids stay with me on weekends.
I would also set up some sort of trust fund for each of the kids.

As for spending, yeah I guess I would go on a bit of a spending spree, there is plenty of fishing gear that I cant afford to upgrade,so that would be done.I may well put a large chunk off cash down on driving lessons as well, one of those intensive courses.

My mum and dad would get some although I know for fact that they argue with me about it, and I would be booking a family holiday to go see my elder sister.
The only other thing that I could honestly say I would do is leave a large donation to Great Ormond street childrens hospital, my father, my brother, his son and two of my nieces have been treated in that place and I would really like to be able to give a large donation to them.


Registered Member
If I ever won the lottery, the first thing I would do is pay my Mum back all the money I owe her with interest. She has helped me out financially a lot over the last few years. If I won millions then I would also buy her a house and a new car. Then I would sort myself out, pay off my last credit card, get a decent car and a nice little house. After that I would donate to a few charities close to my heart. I would probably invest a lot of it, probably in property, but I would have to do some research into the best options.

I don't think I would be too extravagant, I would spend enough to get comfortable, and I would more than likely keep working as otherwise I would go mad. There are a few places I would like to go to so travelling would be something I would also do.


aka ginger warlock
Like Ela the first thing I would do is give my parents a massive cheque, if I won 10,000 for example I would give them 5,000 without question for how much they have helped over the years, they may not need the money and they may not even take it but I would do it anyway.

I think with the other five grand I would pay off my loan and put it in the bank to gather interest. Boring I know but hey, I like the money.