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Lotto card has Brits confused


AKA Ass-Bandit
A LOTTERY scratchcard has been withdrawn from sale by Camelot - because players couldn't understand it.

The Cool Cash game - launched on Monday - was taken out of shops yesterday after some players failed to grasp whether or not they had won.

To qualify for a prize, users had to scratch away a window to reveal a temperature lower than the figure displayed on each card. As the game had a winter theme, the temperature was usually below freezing.

But the concept of comparing negative numbers proved too difficult for some Camelot received dozens of complaints on the first day from players who could not understand how, for example, -5 is higher than -6.

Why did they take them away? Keep the damn cards, we can consider it an idiocy tax!


Forum Drifter
Read about this a while ago. I lol'd pretty hard.


blue 3
And they said Americans are stupid...

My faith in humanity has been restored.


Likes snow
Lol, negative numbers. It's like fractions for people who can't grasp left/right O:


Likes snow
Americans 1, Brits 0
1. keeping tally isn't allowed

2. Could you have picked a worse quote to go on? Really? "And they say americans are stupid" does not constitute a winning retort for any American.the only way you could use it is if you are part of an unrelated third country, and are making a sarcastic remark wbout the original non-american country.

Like a canadian person looking at this article and saying something like "I thought Americans were the stupid ones" is a snide jab at the British. It's not a win for the Americans.


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Haha. Owned! And I thought America was stupid and England was intellegent.


For the Horde!
Haha. Owned! And I thought America was stupid and England was intellegent.

English................intelligent? ..........................................................AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok well only a few of the English are smart like Pugs and some other guy I know

The way I see it ,I think it's like Japan>America>Europe>???