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TV LOST vs. Prison Break?


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I'm sort of "held up" right now and I am thinking of getting started on a season or two of a show I haven't seen much of before.

I've seen around half of the first season of Lost and have not seen any of Prison Break.

Both interest me though. Can anyone who has seen both recommend one over the other? Thanks!


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I watch both shows. I highly recommend watching Lost. After the 3rd season finale the other night, I can say this is easily the best show ever regardless of what happens in the next three seasons.

Prison Break is entertaining too, but it's a lot more predictable, and after a while you just kinda want it to end.

You should watch both if you can, but if you can only choose one then Lost is the easy choice.


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I have watched both and see that I tend to watch Prison Break more. Lately I have been watching either but now that i know the past five epsidoes (of Prison Break) are kept online, I'll try to watch Lost live and then when I have time, do a Prison Break marathon by watching all 5 back to back. :)


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I'm a HUGE fan of LOST - started watching it when it first came out and, while I rarely watch television, I will say that this one keeps me tuning in, week after week. I enjoy the general plot twists, the suspense, and the mixture of adventure/drama/action/spirituality/fantasy and almost a sci-fi feel that goes on there. If you haven't seen LOST before, check out the first season on DVD first...chances are that you'll be as hooked as the rest of us :)