TV LOST: S6 E8 Recon


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So, I’ve pretty much decided that this has to be a parallel universe, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Sort of like a Sliding Doors effect…if you have seen that movie. So I think that this show may be sort of going in that direction, that maybe the 2 universes will collide and merge together. Which one is the reality? I don’t know. It can go in a couple of directions here, both of them confusing. lol

They are all still drawn to each other for one reason or another. You’ve got Kate and Claire, who met each other after the plane landed. Locke and Ben, who are working at a school together…and then Alex going to this same school, even though her mother is from France.

You’ve got Sawyer and Miles working together on a police force. This is sort of strange, because I seem to remember Sawyer and Kate together in an elevator, and he did not apprehend her. Doesn’t really seem like the behavior of a police officer. And then yet again, they run into each other while Kate is trying to escape from some cops.

And of course, you’ve got Charlotte in there again. She did not look like she was searching for a t-shirt to me. Her searched looked very methodic, and it looked like she was looking for something specific.

Another thing that is sort of confusing, is how Widmore fits in here. Is he not who he seems? Is he a Jacob/Smokey type guy of the island, that was banished previously? That’s about the only thing that makes sense to me. I know that in a previous episode, it says that Ben banished Widmore and took over the leader role.

However, since when has anyone but Richard/Jacob/Smokey known the secrets of the island, and knew the history and who each other were? Why would Widmore know any of this, and Ben not know any of it at all?

I have no idea what any of this means.


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Charlotte was definitely not looking for a t-shirt. Pretty sure Miles set her up with Sawyer so she could figure out what he was up to with the whole Anthony Cooper/Australia thing.

I have no idea what Widmore's connection to the island is. What I'm wondering is how he plans on capturing/killing the "Locke Monster." Armed men obviously aren't going to do anything.

I still want to know why the monster kills certain people and doesn't kill others.


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Yeah I thought that too, that Miles had Charlotte set up with Sawyer just to get information. I'm thinking this is some kind of parallel universe also.


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What irritated me about Charlotte was her reaction to being thrown out after being caught snooping through his stuff. WTF did she expect?