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Movies Lost In Translation


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I first saw this film about 2 years ago and since I'd kept meaning to get it on DVD. I only now got around to buying it for a very easy on the wallet, £3.00. I watched it this evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it once again. There's something incredibly bewitching about the relationship between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. It's not one of those films that a lot happens but I found it so easy to engage with and care about.

It's about 7 years old now so I'm sure some of you must have some thoughts. Care to share?


Registered Member
it was brilliant movie, to watch! bill murray was brilliant, he become a very fine actor! he should work with woody allen, could you image that combination in a woody allen's movie ! altanizatarron - your right, about murray and johansson, their relationship was different and special, even sweet. i highly recommend it, too !