Lost (and found?)


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This is split really into 2 sections.
Losing your items and finding others.

If you find something (that something can be a purse or a child's play thing etc.) in a public place would you;
a.take it for yourself
b.leave it there
c.take it and look for the owner

When you lose something of value, be it monetary or sentimental value you get really upset and try your best to find it.
How much time do you spend on finding this item you've lost?

Based on your feelings for your lost items would you change your answer in the Found section?


Sally Twit
I'm going to be honest and say it would depend on what the item was. I don't feel there'd be much point in looking for the owner as it could be anyone. If it was something really valuable I'm sure I'd hand it in to the police because otherwise my conscience would get the better of me. That said, what might be junk to me could have a lot of sentimental value to someone else.

I'd turn my house upside down looking for it if it really meant that much to me. Chances are I'd retrace my steps back to where I last had it too.


if i find something in public i'd leave it there. i don't have to look for the owner as he/she can be anywhere so i don't think it's going to be worthy for me to wast my time and find the owner.

when i lose something, it depends on its importance for whether i'll spend time searching for it or not.
i get mad at myself when i lose things but if i don't find it, it won't be the end.


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Found: Like others, I just leave it, unless it's money ;)

Lost: 9/10 times I find what I lost because it is in my room.. however, if my license falls out of my wallet, somehow, and I don't know and get a phone call half hour later with someone finding it. I drive over asap, heh. I don't carry a lot of things so it is hard to lose anything outside of the apartment.


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Found: It would depend on how long I had been there. Sometimes people set things down and they are in the nearby vicinity...but if I had been there awhile I might pick it up and try to find the owner depending on what it was.

Lost: I don't lose things that often. When I do, it's mostly things that aren't sentimental value, but of useful value. For example, I recently lost the remote to my tv in the living room. I nearly tore my apt apart looking for it. I finally gave up, and found it that night when I went to bed. What my living room remote was doing in my bed, I do not know. I'm absent minded, these things happen to me all the time.


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found: I would try looking for the owner if there is any money in there.
lost: I rarely lose things. Recently I lost my senior key necklace and I'm still kind of upset about it.


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Found: I found a wallet a few years back, it had no cash or credit cards in it but it did have a fold out photo holder which had pictures of a couple of kids init, I put a notice in the local newsagent and got a call later that day from the owner.
Unless you have seen who has lost the item then you really have no chance of finding them just by looking.

Lost : The last thing I lost was one of my rings, it has great sentimental value to me and I ripped the house apart searching for it for two days, I finaly found it under the fridge, I must have dropped it and it rolled under there.


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Found: Depending on the situation of where (not outside), when and what I would take the item and give it to the security man or shop keeper or some such.

Lost: I really get frustrated when I lose my things, 9/10 I left them in odd places (to get them away from my kids) or my kids get them and throw them into their toy box when clearing up. It could be a couple of days before I'm able to find anything I lost in there (the toy box)...


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find: i will pick up anything and keep it if it looks like it is "lost" and i wont feel bad about it...like if its in someones yard i wont take it or if it looks like has just arrived to a spot and someone is coming back for it i will leave it...the worst thing i think i ever picked up was a thing of cupcakes from a bakery, they hadnt been opened yet and there was no body around so i kinda walked past them a few times before sliding them into my backpack...i took them to an amigos apartment and we ate them, they were dry

Lost: (the following is 100% true) i will not look twice for something that is lost, someone once told me something that i now live by and i find it be one of my best qualities
There was a time that you did not have what you lost, and you didnt miss it then
im sure you could find plenty of things wrong with that quote but dont ruin it for me :lol:...and if i lose money on the street or something i probably just made whoever finds it pretty happy
Leave it there, because if I take it and look for its owner then I'm probably creating more problems. I know that if I lost something, I'll go back and look for it where I'm likely to have left it. If someone takes it to try to find it's owner then it's not going to be where I thought it was.

I would spend a lot of time looking for it, unless it's a lost cause ('scuse the pun), then I'll try and forget it. It just depends on what exactly it was, how long ago I lost it, and how busy the place is where I left it (assuming you're talking about leaving things in public)

Based on your feelings for your lost items would you change your answer in the Found section?