TV Lost: Ab Aeterno - S6 E9


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Wow, what an awesome episode. Probably one of my favorites so far. I had been waiting a long time to find out more about Ricardo "Richard" Alpert. A few episodes ago when he tried to kill himself, I figured he came over on the Black Rock. It was cool seeing his whole backstory and how he met the Man in Black and Jacob and got immortality from him.

So the Man in Black is evil, and the island is there to prevent him from getting out into the rest of the world, and Jacob was the guardian, or protector, of the island. I still want to know how the island got there, how Jacob and the evil guy got there, and how they got their powers. So now that Jacob is dead, the evil man can leave the island? How does one of the "candidates" take Jacob's place as the new guardian?


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That was a great episode. Probably my favorite of the season so far. I always wondered about Richard and his past. His story line with his wife is very sweet, and very tragic.

I get the impression that they were only bringing people on the island because they were bored gods, and wanted to play with the silly humans.

Have they said anything about Richard being a candidate? It seems like he would naturally fit the role, especially now that he's supposed to stop the man in black from leaving now.