Losing weight: How fast is okay?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by redsoxocd, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. redsoxocd

    redsoxocd living on the border

    I've lost 5 pounds in 3 days, with losing 2 pounds yesterday. I'm happy with it but my friend yelled at me this morning about it.

    So what I'm wondering is what is a healthy amount of weight to lose in a set amount of time?

  2. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    It depends if you were trying to lose weight, and what you did to try and achieve the loss. Also every person's metabolism is different and therefore some may lose more in a period of time than another, doing the same type of diet. (Happened with my mum and me who went on the same diet and after a week she lost 3kg and I didn't lose a thing, (but I looked great).)

    If you haven't been trying to lose weight it could be many reasons why you did, but I'm no medical professional so I can't really answer this part of the question.
  3. Jeanie

    Jeanie still nobody's bitch V.I.P. Lifetime

    That's way too much weight to lose in that short amount of time. 1-2 pounds a week is safe.

    what did you do to lose the weight?
  4. redsoxocd

    redsoxocd living on the border

    nothing, I havent been eating much because I just havent been hungry. And yesterday I ate a breakfast sandwhich from Dunkin Donuts, some coffee, and a brownie. But at the same time I pretty much sat on my ass all day so I dont see why I lost the weight.
  5. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    I read somewhere 2lbs/wk is a healthy weight loss target. It probably depends on how much you weigh or your bmi.
  6. patkick

    patkick #21

    The majority of that weight loss in that short span of time is most likely water weight with fat loss as well. But a good goal to set is to lose 1-2 lbs a week and nothing more unless you're severly overweight. And you're not severely overweight if it's you in the pictures that you posted.
  7. dDave

    dDave Guardian of the Light V.I.P.

    it depends what you did to lose the weight.

    it's not healthy to any extent to stop eating or not drink very much water in order to lose weight.

    You should get a % body fat measurement. It's not about how much you weigh it's about how much % body fat you have.
  8. EndWinterRomance

    EndWinterRomance PREGGERS

    keep in mind though that your weight fluctuates up to 5 pounds daily so it's possible your weight is just fluctuating
  9. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    1-2lbs a week is healthy.

    Doesnt sound like you are eating very healthy to lose wt though. Maybe you just aren't eating.

    I have lost about a lb a week since I started running. If you arent exercising, and are not eating healthy, then your sudden wt lost is not healthy.
  10. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    You should always weigh yourself in the morning before you eat and 1-2 lbs is the recommended plan to be able to keep it off and management it for the rest of your life no matter how overweight you are except if you have surgery there is no way to control how much weight you lose from that. And what was already said the first chunk of weight is usually water weight plus if you severely cut back on the amount of calories you were eating that has an effect too but then again you shouldn't have been eating that many calories to begin with :/

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