Losing Bets


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I'm sure all of us at some point have lost a bet and as a result had to do something stupid, embarrassing or disgusting. What are some of your more memorable experiences from losing bets?

I don't usually make bets on things unless I know i'm going to win, but there have been a couple of times where i've lost smaller bets and had to eat something gross. One of my friends lost a bet, and as a result had to get the wet towel flick on his bare ass. I was laughing my ass off when that happened. We managed to draw blood too. He didn't learn the first time either, and he lost a bet with the same result a couple days later.


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I used to do some stupid bets at school and they always had a painfull outcome for the loser.
The worst was a bet which involved hitting the teacher in the head with a wet ball of tissue and get away with it by blaming someone else, I failed and recieved a week of lunch time detention (did'nt do any though).

My losing meant he got to wrap me over the knuckles with the edge of a ruler, which I thought would be non painfull, but he used a metal ruler and shaved all the skin from knuckles.

I have made some stupid bets while drinking that have ended with bad results.
I lost a bet around 4 months ago with my brother while playing pool, I had to buy all the beers for the rest of the night, and he drinks like a vampire drinks blood, there is never enough and that cost me a weeks wages.

My most embarrasing loss resulted in me walking around the pub minus trousers for the night, thakfully it was my local but still left me rather red faced.


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Somehow I remember a member here with a pepperoni pizza avatar. :rofl:

I don't bet as much anymore and normally it's over trivial things like movie quotes or stuff. The bet is money - like 10€ to say you're wrong! Yes, so sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.


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When I was younger, me and my brother would play chess for money. Unfortuneatly, I always lost that bet because my brother had read all these chess books and always whooped my butt. But then I found his books and read them. And then we were even haha. He was sooooooooo mad ahhaha. But I still kept losing.

Otherwise, I tend not to bet much, unless I know I will win. So I don't lose many.
I'm sure all of us at some point have lost a bet and as a result had to do something stupid, embarrassing or disgusting. What are some of your more memorable experiences from losing bets?
The only time I can remember making a bet and losing was when me and my friend lost against two other friends back in (high)school. They basically got to have a plastic bottle and put absolutely anything they want in there, and we (me + friend who also lost) would have to drink it between us. It was effing disgusting, but hilarious. I don't even want to try and remember what was in there :lol: Nothing dangerous or dirty, just pretty rank when all mixed together. I vaguely remember the 'sausage' from one of the cafeteria's sausage rolls in there. The overall liquid was a green-y colour.


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I dont remember what the bet initially was. Probably something stupid to start with. But either way... I lost it.

My punishment was to swim across the Kings River Naked..... In December.

Now mind you, the Kings River is in the mountains and is Snow Run off water. It is Fucking Cold. But being the trooper that I am, I did it, swam to and from which was probably about the distance of 1 1/2 olympic pools wide (3 to and back which is what I did). Then when I got back to the surface I was red as a lobster and freezing my balls off. The fuckers hid my clothes so I had to walk around shrivled up and freezing until they finally felt sorry for me and gave them back.


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:lol: The pizza avatar was my first thought too. That's the reason I don't bet with him anymore. I hated that thing!

I rarely bet because I rarely win any I have gotten myself into.
I remember that too. That was hilarious. :lol:

I can't actually think of any bad things I've had to do after losing bets. I am usually careful when it comes to betting. I'm usually on the winning side.