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Loser Lawsuit "Video game too addicting"


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Just when I think I've heard it all. This guy became so addicted to a video game (one that I've never heard of surprisingly), that when he was banned, he went through such a hardcore withdrawal that he said he claimed he is now unable to cope with and deal with everyday life. He is now suing the game developers for failing to warn gamers that this game would be so amazingly fun that they might become hopelessly addicted. Ok, not his exact words, but check this out:

Man Sues Over Video Game Addiction - Video - FoxNews.com


I'm serious
20 000 hours over 5 years? I spend more than that on GF. You had better not ban me or I will sue you Brix!! :lol:
This guy is an idiot! But it sure makes for a funny story.

Also, I loved "gun hand and dead kitty".


Problematic Shitlord
It's the same concept as people who blame the booze, it's just a way of deflecting the obvious and easy to make statements concerning his obvious problems in life. Instead of manning up and admitting his issues, he blames the game because there is no where else he can place it.


Oh, Lineage 2. I heard of that. Instead of the officially EverQuest 2 that we got, Lineage 2 was suppose to be the REAL EverQuest 2.

I know I'll be a hypocrite for saying this, but I'll say it anyways! I hate Red Eye. They are so judgmental and make assumptions up the wazoo. They script these corny jokes that never go over and end up solving or discussing NOTHING. Hate that show... no direction or control. And, yes I understand that now I'm a hypocrite for calling them judgmental when I was just judging them. Such a fancy world we live in. =D

As for the kid, he shouldn't sue. I remember me addiction days of playing EverQuest for hours at a time. One time, it was so bad that I avoided sleep just to play it. Then, once 9 o'clock rolled around, uh-oh, work! Guess what, I went to work and was dead tired. Blame the game, I did? Nope. Blamed myself. I could have controlled it and limited myself, but I didn't. It was totally my fault and blaming a game company over my lack of willpower isn't the option I took. Of course, I don't know how bad HIS addiction was, however, I still don't think you can blame anybody over your own problems and addictions. You need to take responsibility for yourself and actions.
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