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Lose charge


Registered Member
Does your cell phone ever die when you're out and you need it? Or are you one to make sure it is always charged?


Creeping On You
I generally keep it charged, but there have been times when I've forgotten, and of course it dies while I'm out. It's never been a huge issue, since I rarely phone, but it is annoying because then I can't text either.


Registered Member
I carry an AC charger with me when I can, and I always have my phone on charge in the car. I use the GPS and WiFi a lot on my Droid II (Been posting on it all day, actually, and am about to lose charge because I forgot it at home lol). I probably should get a second battery.


Registered Member
My phone battery lasts nearly a week anyway, but I do charge it every night without fail.


Registered Member
I have a home charger and a car charger, so I feel safe. I keep it charged in the home mostly tho, I rarely have to use the car charger. And I've never let it run completely down, I always make sure it's got a good full charge.


Son of Liberty
My current phone holds a charge like a boss.

I've gone a total of 3 straight days without ever having to charge it. And I do in fact use it alot. I'm the kind of user that racks up 10,000 text messages and 500k kb's over the course of a month.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's very rare that my phone will lose all it's power. It usually last me a day, and I usually charge it when I go to bed. I make sure that it's charge before leaving the house since I'm addicted to my phone and use it often.


Registered Member
I charge my phone every night, I have just got an andriod phone so I drain the battery everyday playing games while between jobs.
The thing is its battery life is not all that great anyway, in fact I have been thinking about up grading very soon.


Registered Member
Mine's always charged. My media player and camera are too. If batteries even get 1/2 low, I start charging cause I've messed up before and decided I'd never let it happen again.


Registered Member
I recently got a new phone and it's life only lasts about a day so of late I've been running out of battery heaps, it always during the worst times as well.