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New Member
Okay, so recently i watched a youtube video of a Loris and i think they are sooo cute!
Iknow it may not be fair on the animal and im not even planning to get one but are you aloud to keep one as a pet? :D


Registered Member
awhhhh id never even heard of these before so i dont have an answer to your question but wow they are the cutest thing!


Sally Twit
I bet I know the video you're talking about:
YouTube - Tickling Slow Loris

I nearly cried when I watched that for the first time.

I am sure you could keep them as pets because the one from that video was clearly on someone's bed!


I'm serious
I don't mean to sound pissy here, but as cute as they are, I really hate when people look at animals and go "aw, so cute, I want one", when in reality, they know nothing about the animal or how to care for it. I've seen it with so many exotic pets, having owned one myself before. People want pets for their cuteness factor and then when they aren't just cute anymore, they neglect them or give them away.

NOTE : I am not saying that is you, but it happens all the time. I say if you really want one, do all the research you can before getting one and make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, other than the obvious cuteness. And then get one! :D


Ms. Malone
I'd imagine it would be illegal to own one, unless there's a certain circumstance (like working in a zoo/conservation), and if you could you'd probably need an exotic pet licence.

I heard it's legal to own one in Russia because that's where they're from, but that's about it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
It is a cute animal, but I agree with CuriousGirl. Different types of animals require different care, social interaction, etc. You can't just train any animal the same way you would a dog or a cat and expect it have a happy life. It's just not fair to the animal.
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