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Loose Screw in HP Laptops


New Member
Just curious if anyone has had a problem with screws coming loose in HP laptops, specifically the NC6220 model. I've had a few units lock up and a screw backing itself out from behind the DVD/RW drive was to cause for one of them. I just want to see if this is something that I need to be concerned with as I have over 100 of these units deployed.


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Staff member
Wow.. I've heard of similar things happening. Are you a retailer? You should probably contact HP and complain if it has happened that many times. Seems like there must be a problem in the design that causes screws to come out.


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I actually have a Dell that has the same problem. I wonder if they use similar hardware manufacturers?

I recommend a bottle of some kind of cheap and easy to apply glue to put in with the screw, it wouldn't come out until you wanted it out after that. Just be careful to let it dry if it's touching any important parts before you turn the system on.


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Hi ScubaSteve! Do you have a Latitude or Inspiron?
I have both and would like to know which one to check out first.