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Loose Change


Well-Known Member
Does anyone use their loose change? I find change every where in my room and I don't use them that much. I would always collect all the change and put it in a drawer in my desk. Some day I will have to get one of them big bottles to put it in and once it's filled up, I'm going to take it to one of those coin machines to cash it in.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have jars of it laying around, many of them. I seem to never use it either. One of these days I should count it all. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a good amount. When I get change at the store I just put it in my pocket and when I get home I drop it in a jar. When that jar fills up I just start a new one. ;)


Well-Known Member
I am the same way too. I just put it in my pocket and I always put the change on my desk. I just hate it when I go to the store and I have no change in my pocket. The total comes to like $5.01 and I have no change in my pocket and the cashier doesn't give you a break and give you back .99 cents in change.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I throw mine into an old Crown Royal bottle and use it to get drinks from machines, or randomly cash it in for gas money.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I always keep my change and put it in a jar like Andrew. When it fills up I take it to the bank and get a nice $50 or so from it.


Food Whore
I used to have a plastic beer stein in my desk that i'd throw my change in. I don't buy much with cash anymore, so i really don't have much change (up at school). At home, i have a plastic jug from Jelly Belly (jelly beans) that i use, and an glass jar that i throw it in.


New Member
I set a goal every year or so. I save all my change in a 5 gallon water jug. When I buy something for $10.05 and I have the nickel I don't use the nickel, I get the 95 cents, and put in right in my jug at home. This year I am doing a concrete back patio.