Looky what I found


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This is an radio interview I did, I was bored so I was looking around google for Ghost Cane & I found the audio for the show. I never got to hear it because I was in Chicago on my way home in the limo when the GP guy handed me the phone.
Hope it's ok to post it here :)


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Nicely done interview... And you didnt sound like a dolt! Please dont take that the wrong way... I've had those dreams where someone calls ya to interview you and you just cant seem to give a good answer... and Ive also heard some interviews... That was not one of them :)


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Thanks! I was really cringing when I listened to it.. I thought for sure I'd sound like an idiot like I did on GMA! I didn't handle that one well at all but Collin came through just great! LOL!
Half the stuff that we talked about in this interview I don't even remember talking about.....lol


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Awww Mary I thought you sounded great! Hey girl at least you can cheer on your local football team. Our high school team hasn't won a game in forever lol ... Cudo's to you and your team lol.