Looks like the level requirements changed without notice!!!!

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unless i missed something looks like the requirements from level to level just went up as of last night. This really blows if you were looking to promote and auction and was not a spammer and made actually comments to peoples listings.


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I havent heard of the requirements change, but then again, I went to bed kinda early last night.

it shouldnt be too hard to meet the requirements to reach levels. There are alot of live topics that can be responded too..

You can always go into your "user CP" and add your eBay name in the box that asks for it, and people can view your auctions without you haveing to promote it. I know you probably really want to promote your auctions, but at least if you add your name, people can look at them


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If you were close to meeting the requirements before, send me a PM and I will upgrade your membership. Sorry for the "no notice." Will be glad to take care of it for non spammers. Just made it a little higher now that we have a lot of members.

You are now a Level 3. :)

Really the reason I upped the requirements was to make people appreciate reaching levels a bit more. It used to be for each post you made you would go up a Level, so 3 posts and you were at the max level, lol! Just been increasing it ever so slowely so it's less of a novelty to reach a level. I don't see it going much higher than it is right now though.
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