Looks like Jay Leno?


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It does look like Jay Leno. I probably need to start looking at my food before I eat it. I've probably eaten $millions$ worth of crackers, chips, and popcorn and didn't even know it. :)


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Msbabedoll said:
I know, I wondered if Jay Leno will be told about this one and if it will hit the NBC news!!??

Went to NBC.com and they happened to be having a "Do you know someone who looks like Jay" contest thingy so I sent them the auction number :) She's such a fan I thought I'd see if I could get her on the show to meet him.


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Hey guys! It's me The Pudding Lady. Thank you for looking at my auction. Please put it on your watch list if you don't mind!! Nanner, thank you so much for sending it in. I've gotten some emails from people who say they have sent it to the Tonight Show. That cracker looks just like him to me, but then again I watch him every night so........ It's been a lot of fun and has brought more emails and traffic than I would have ever imagined! Crazy huh??
Ya'll keep watching and if anybody knows Jay send him my way!! HA HA
I also have Advertise with the Pudding Lady and Fam going. Check it out too and watch if you can. I enjoy this all so much. Thank you for letting me "play" too. Blessings, Pam


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I got an email from NBC. I'm guessing it's just a standard thing. Several people have emailed The Tonight Show. I doubt anything will come of it, but it sure is fun!! Have you added me to your watch list??


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Me too!! I am so happy for you!! And Doubles you forgot to mention me and my animal cracker, Jay Leno!! I'm soooo hurt!! :lollol:

Ya'll put me on your watch list. I'm planning on being on The Tonight Show!!