Looking up an old friend

Hello I have just joined this site in hope that I can look up an old friend I have gone through the usual channels such as looking at a phone directory only to find that what I am looking for is not there. I would like a phone number and an address I only know the persons first name and last name if that helps at all.

I understand that many of you will be dubious about letting me know of such a site due to the nature in which it can be abused. But I would be grateful if you could tell me if such a thing exists.

And yes I have tried Google :lol:

I am in the UK and I would prefer the site to be free although this is not a necessary requirement...well why should I pay if there are free ones doing exactly the same thing?.

Thank you and goodbye.


Staff member
I would say Facebook and MySpace are two to check for sure. Those classmate sites out there are only good if the other person signed up as well (as far as I know). Same as Facebook, MySpace, etc, but people sign up for those just for fun and not just to find people so in my opinion you are more likely to find this person on one of those sites.

Is this somebody that you knew through any other people? If so you could try reconnecting with them too to narrow down your search a bit.