Looking for writers for a new Interactive Story


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Spectre Division:

In the far future after a nuclear war made most of the world unlivable a new society called NUSA (New United States of America) has formed on the coast of California, technology is running high and people have finally learned to live in peace with one another. Technology has allowed this; law enforcement makes today’s military weapons look like toys. Laser guns and laser swords, big ass tanks, ECT.

In this future even those aren’t needed, people have learned to live together after the nuclear holocaust of WWIII. However strange things have been happening as of late, strange creatures, which have become known as Spectres have gone around seemingly mindlessly killing and destroying things/people.

In this new crisis a new division of the police is made – the Spectre Division. Two halves of this exist, division 1 which is full of people who have shown spectre killing skills in any way, and the more elitist division 2 for those who can use Psionics and such. Anyone with the ability to combat a Spectre is forced into one of these divisions for there are too few who can.

Our's is the story of those arsenal happy men at Division 1, and the interesting life they lead!

Light posts are welcome, 2 post/week requirement (Come on now when we accept 2 paragraphs as a post this is not hard)

Those interested please reply or IM/ICQ me.

The IS will be held at http://forums.delphiforums.com/isvortex/start


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that just sounds awsome, too bad i am really to busy right now to do something like that, but hopefully you will get alot of people to do it, cause I would like to see what the imagination can bring out in that story


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See this is why I wish I had better writing skills. Sounds awesomeness though, kinda like the Fallout series (which by the way is one of my fav. RPG's ever and I'm startin' to play it again!).