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Looking For Ringtones


I am trying to find the following Star Trek TOS ringtones. . . . . . .

Scotty saying "Bridge to Captain Kirk" or "Enterprise To Captain Kirk"

Spock saying "Bridge to Captain Kirk" or "Enterprise To Captain Kirk"

Spock saying "Incoming Message"

any ideas where I might find any of them ??

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Creeping On You
3g4free.com is a site that I use for ringtones sometimes. If you sign up, they have a tool for turning mp3's into ringtones. I imagine if you were to find some sound clips of those things, you could turn them into ringtones.


You turn MP3s into ringtone on that site and then send them to your phone from that site ???


I am also trying to fine a hockey ringtone by Mike Lange

Heee Shoots and scores !!!


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The best thing for you to use is a website called phonezoo. It's like what Danny said. You sign up, load a sound clip into it and crop the sound clip so it has the parts you want. Then you send it to your phone from the website and you're set. If I get time, I'll try and make them for you.


I just discovered something on my cell phone under My Sounds
It says 1. Record New so all I hold the phone up to my computer speaker and record a sound that I can use for calls, alerts, text messages, missed calls, picture messages.

Now if I can just fine those Star Trek wav files I will be set.