Looking for my first online friend

Well I've been online for a long time and I've read forums for as long as I can remember. But up until now I've been stand off-ish with actually posting things and making online friends. But here are 10 things about me.

1)I'm a Texan and proud of it.

2)(even with the above statement) I dislike just about all sports, though I sometimes watch/play football (Texas, duh) and basketball.

3)I LOVE just about anything relating to computers.

4)I just started my first year of college about a month ago.

5)I like literally every genre of music (favorites are classical, Jrock, and techno)

6)I'm a Windows/Ubuntu user (I'll always have my main computer be windows and the rest of my side ones WILL be Ubuntu. As in I only have one computer but have used Ubuntu)

7)I like to read and write. (favorite books are the uglies series and I normally write poems)

8)I think I'm a "well rounded man" being interesting in tons of stuff. (which helped me make friends in real life, but I never tried to make a net friend)

9)I dislike hybrid cars (mainly because of it's advertising and claims)

10) I feel the need to explain my self (see this post and the above)


Lion Rampant
Back in your cage, jocks! Don't let them fool you, |V|egabyte. You'll find plenty of your fellow well roundeds here, including some who like poetry. How'd you find General Forum? Word of mouth in the campus halls, I suspect?


Living on the 0th floor
Welcome to GF!

What are you going to college for?

I feel the need to explain myself too, which results in me making a lot of long winded posts >.> I used to write a ton of poetry, but I seem to have either lost inspiration or just have a serious case of writers block.

Anywho, I hope that you find you like it here! See you around!


rainbow 11!
I LOVE techno and the uglies series, it's such a fantastic series. I haven't read them in so long, I might have to reread them now.

Welcome to GF!