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Looking For Memory


Registered Member
Hi Everyone - I am wondering if there's anyone out there in AS land who has PC2100 DDR 1GB Memory stick?

I have 1GB (2 x 512mb) PC133 SDRAM that I bought for my old tower, but turns out the old tower is maxed at 256mb.

Since we can't use the PC133 memory, we bought another tower from someone on craigslist. It's a nice, new model...but it only has 128mb memory.

I want to find a 1GB for it. If anyone has one available, please let me know. Or if anyone would want to trade for the 1GB PC133 I have, that would be even better.


Registered Member
How about a little Ginko Biloba? That's good for memory right? OH! You need computer memory? I don't have it but I'll bet somebody here does!!


Registered Member
Yeah, ok...the gingko biloba for me & some DDR for my computer.

And does anyone know the difference on the DDR between PC2100, PC2700, & PC3200? Cuz when I look at them on ebay, they all look the same in the picture.


Registered Member
Hell I came to the thread hoping you all found MY memory!

Don't know nothin bout no puter memory.....that's what my brother is for....


Registered Member
Sorry girl! Guess I should have titled this "Looking for COMPUTER Memory", huh?

It's ok though...I'm looking on ebay too. So if I see your memory on there, I'll let ya know!


Registered Member
gee I wish I would of know months ago I had some.. I have computer parts but they are older model memory............ I have some before but I sold it at ebay.........
If I see any I let you know and nanner don't feel so bad we all have memory problems... heck I do.. all the time.............. that is what pills are for..........lol