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Looking for good web server monitoring tool...


New Member
I'm looking for some good web server monitoring tool now... do U have any suggestion? :)


New Member
I have performed some trial test on several software downloading from download.com .

1. theonesoftware.com/server_monitor.php
2. minihttpserver.net/httpmonitor/
3. websitepulse.com/services/why.monitor.php

Finally, I'm using theonesoftware to monitor my web servers, and also MySQL servers... it's more reliable than others.... and it is much more cheaper... :D


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I'm moving from shared hosting (so many firewalls makes me sick) to VPS hopefully this week. Are these something I should into?


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Staff member
Your host of your VPS might have built in monitoring. If you are with a reliable company they aren't going to fake your monitoring stats so I wouldn't worry about that.

What type of specs are you getting?


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Great! That is good to know. My only problem is I got an email saying....
Please do not enable the "SMTP Tweak" under "Tweak Security". This setting is incompatible with the VPS platform and will cause all mail to be unroutable. In addition, please do not enable "Shell Fork Bomb Protection" in WHM. This setting is also incompatible with the VPS infrastructure.
I went with cPanel/WHM. Looks like I should have gone with Plesk or hope updates will take care of this.

My specs are:

1 GB Burst RAM
256 MB Guaranteed RAM
10 GB Storage
300 GB Monthly Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited User Accounts
CentOS 4 Operating System
cPanel and Plesk 8 Available

Minimum Server Specs
Dual Xeon 3 GHz or Better
8 GB Registered ECC RAM
U320 SCSI HD in Hardware RAID 10
Zero Downtime During Drive Failure
Hot-Swap Drives and Fans
Replaceable on the Fly
Dual Gigabit Network Interfaces.

Sorry I went went off topic here.