Looking for Clearwater, FL people

I don't know if this is allowed, but hey...

I moved back to Clearwater Florida, and I want to find some people to hang out with. So if you live here, or near here...let me know and maybe we can chill.

For those who care, I am 18/m and just want some freaking friends again.

For security reasons...you can PM me or message me via AIM or YIM

AIM = Sephiroth Masamu
YIM - Ravenmack15


rainbow 11!
I got to Clearwater sometimes in Feb to visit grandparents... I don't know if I would be able to get away from them or anything, but I might. o.o


I used to live in Jacksonville, but being in the First Coast region, it's like a whole world away from the Tampa Bay area.


rainbow 11!
How old were you when you lived in Jacksonville? Did you go to high school there? Fletcher? 'Scandel Weed'? Paxon? Stanton? Ed White?
Himeko...That would be cool. I am having a hard time making new friends again around here and I just want some people to hang out with and go places with.

God, I feel depressed now having to ask people online to hang out with me -__-;;


rainbow 11!
^^; I can try. No promises though. And if you guys haven't put two and two together with my last post, I live in Jacksonville. ^.^