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looking for boots :)


what? no pink?
okey....so I am patiently waiting for the forum for the stuff that people have that they would like to get rid of : )

So until then I thought I would just ask if anyone of you with little girls happen to have a pair of pink or white with pink cowboy boots in a size toddler 9

I need them in three weeks arg!

anyway if anyone has a pair pm me or whatever, I would appreciate it thanks! : )


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I don't have any, but I will keep a eye out for some


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Sorry, I dont have any. But if I come across some I will let you know! Good luck on finding some! :)


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I've got a pair of hardly used size 9 winter pink boots....guess not huh? :D GOOD LUCK!

Hey that 2nd pair isn't that expensive! (unless it's a one time only wear thingy)

Sooooo ahhhhh whatcha need the boots for?



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LOL I am with Nanner! Whatcha need em for? LOL I wish I had some for ya, but all I got is boyzzz stuff. No more little girlly things, that is until aryanna (I STILL dont know how to spell her name!) gets up a little bigger!

Good luck and I'll watch out for some too!


what? no pink?
oh used boots are fine, actually I bought a pair on ebay but the lady sent me the wrong boots. They weren't the ones that were pictured and they were the wrong size! geeez i emailed her and told her of the mistake but of course I have not heard anything back. So I am just worried that I don't have the time to deal with it before I need them so I need to get another pair : (

LOL for the curious : ) It's for the county fair. My mother made her a really nice western dress to wear. and we have tickets for the third row to see Trace ATkins hehe

thanks Mary!! those are really nice ones. I was hoping not to have to spend that much but I bookmarked it.