Looking back on the Norv Turner hire, do you agree?

Discussion in 'NFL' started by hendu, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. hendu

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    When the Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer and chose Norv Truner as the replacement, there were questions aplenty. Why the hell did they fire their coach coming off of a 14-2 season? Is Norv Turner the answer? Yadda yadda yadda.

    Well, now that the season has started, we have some room for evaluation. I hated the hire right when it happened. Turner should not be an NFL coach, period. He couldn't win before, and he can't now. They fired Marty claiming that he couldn't win in the playoffs. Well A.J. Smith, you may have missed the fact that Turner has a career 1-1 record in the playoffs. He barely even makes the playoffs, let alone wins games.

    Now the Chargers are 1-2 to start the young season, already equaling their loss total of last year. LDT is off to a mediocre, at best, start to the year. They were my pick for a disappointment team in the preseason. Not because of talent, which they have loads of, but because of possibly the worst move of the offseason in hiring Turner. They won't win a down year for the AFC West, and look like they may finish .500.

    Do you agree with my thoughts about Norv and the Chargers, or think that he can turn it around?

  2. Matriqulated

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    Well, Norv Turner would not likely have this Chargers team any more prepared for a playoff game than Marty, they may have even done better giving Ron Rivera the job. But when I look at the rest of the Chargers schedule I can easily see them going 11-5 and getting into the playoffs for Norv to prove he can or can not get playoff wins.
  3. Lone Eagle

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    No, Turner is a proven loser and Schottenheimer is a damn good coach. Everywhere Marty went he won and he won in San Diego too but they fired him over one game. Granted it was a playoff game but look at the state of the Chargers now, bet Schottenheimer is having a good laugh over his former employers. His son Brian the offensive coordinator for the Jets is also quite good and soon will have his own team to be a head coach for.
  4. StroShow

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    I didn't agree with the Chargers organazation with the firing of Marty Shottenheimer. I especially didn't agree with the hiring of Norv Turner because of his previous track record has an head coach. He's an amazing Offensive co-ordinnator, but it seems that he cant cut it when he runs the whole team. It's quite weird actually. But I'm not too worried about the San Diego Chargers start. Like PhillyLilKid said they'll be in good shape with the upcoming games they have. And even though they started 1-2 I still see them making the playoffs this year. It's just everyone is shocked because of all the hype this team got during the whole off-season. How funny would it be in the Chargers meet the New England Patriots in the playoffs with a mediocre record and beat them? It would be classic.
  5. CMK_Eagle

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    I don't think Smith fired Marty because of the one playoff loss, but because they couldn't get along. Norv probably wasn't the best replacement, and I think obviously is a step down from Marty. The only question is how badly that feud would have poisoned the organization, and if it would have been too much of a distraction for Marty's coaching ability to compensate.
  6. Zanthrax54

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    I couldn't believe it when they fired Schotty...I still can't believe it, they just must have had some personal vendetta against the guy...YOU DO NOT FIRE A COACH THAT JUST WON 14 GAMES OUT OF A POSSIBLE 16 GAMES IN ANY SPORT AT ANY LEVEL.

    The Chargers are getting EXACTLY what they deserve, especially since they hired such a proven loser in Norv Turner...I didn't think that even Norv could fuck up what the Chargers had going for them.
  7. StroShow

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    Your completely right on that one. They couldn't stand each other, so with all the power that the owner has he fired a really good coach. That's what happens in sports. People tend to forget it's a business rather then a game. Owners and coaches won't agree on certain things and the coach always get the bad egg out of the situation.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    I never liked Norv Turner he's more suited has an offensive coach, then a head coach of a football team, he's never had success being a head coach, but always known has an offensive gure, and that's what he should keep doing, and like CMK Eagle mentioned Smith didn't like Marty and that's the reason why he got fired, because no GMs fires a coach that has a 14-2 record.

    Just take a baseball example last year Joe Giradi did an amazing job with the Marlins, but didnt get along with management so he got fired, if he got along with them he would of never gotten fired.
  9. njbroncsfan

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    Being a Broncos fan I fully support the Chargers hire of Nerve Turner.
  10. I see the chargers too at 11-5 and getting into the playoffs and winning the division too aswell. Will they get far well past the first round but thats it. They are still a good team though.

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