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PC Games Lookin for a mmo


Registered Member
I'm bored as hell lately and looking for an MMORPG....

If anyone has any suggestions lemme know....

AND if you have a guild I can get in that's 1000x better.


New Member
S.U.N is a rather fun one ;D produced by ijji so not many bugs.
Umm...World of Warcraft obviously if you willing to pay.
Rohan Blood Feud. Not many broswer games I can think of ATM. Besides like adventure quest or Fantasy online...>.< Or that runescape...
Theres a few for you...Sherwood online too. Hope it helped a tad. :)


Looking for free MMORPG? Paid? Micro transactions?

There are a lot of good free MMORPGs such as Runes of Magic, Allods Online, Atlantica Online and Dragonica. Runes of Magic and Allods Online are WoW (World of WarCraft) clones, Atlantica has a turn-based fighting system while Dragonica is a side-scrolling MMO. You can also check out Maple Story, however, that game is heavily based on cash shop purchases late game. Which sucks. There is also Global Agenda if you're looking for a free MMORPG that recently came out. It's heavily PvP with little PvE content, currently. Futuristic MMO. Pretty decent.

For paid. I don't really know. With so many F2P MMOs out there, I don't see why people bother paying monthly fees anymore. Heck, all those games I listed you don't need to contribute one cent unless you want to. Nothing better than hearing the word FREE! =D


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Ehh, tried all of those and am getting bored with the first guild wars. Nothing has kept my attention too long since I played Aion. I would go back there but I don't have the money for a p2p right now.

I guess I'll just wait until I have the money to spare or go back to guild wars. I tried playing perfect world again and would have but the bottom of the teleport map cuts off when I set it to my monitors resolution, 1920x1080, which drove me nuts.


I'm in the same situation as you, then. I want a F2P MMO and tried most of the "good" ones already. Right now, I'm watching the beta games of Divine Souls (like Dragonica Online) and Vindictus (Golden Axe-like game). Believe both are currently closed beta.

What type of MMO are you into? Anime inspired, side-scrolling, Korean? I can try to narrow another list down for ya if you give me a feeling on what you like. Hehe =D


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Mostly Korean, as an example of games I stuck with a while.......

I have a lvl 83 on Silkroad online, but got tired of all the bots

I have a 50 on SUN, I wish I stuck with that cause I played beta and then rushed to cap when it was 50. I also had a full guild of my own that was going well but quit because I got bored at 50 before cap was raised and lost the guild I built...

Tried to get back into it but couldn't

My favorite was Aion but I don't have the money for it right now.


Try Perfect World? Resembles Runes of Magic... sort of. The only part that I dislike is the grind above level 40 or so~. It's your typical MMORPG and you can jump abnormally high. I'm not talking about 6 feet like in other MMOs, I'm talking about building height. Strange... >.>

Another would be Grand Chase. That game is heavily instance based and follows along with games such as Dragonica Online, Fist of Fu, Divine Souls. Check out the YouTube video of the first look impression this one dude does:

YouTube - Grand Chase Gameplay - First Look

The only reason I don't play it is because you have to level up two (or three... I forget) characters. In a nutshell, you have to repeat the same dungeon over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.... and again and again and again. Maybe I'm over exaggerating a tad. Worth a look, though.