Look what someone did to Winnie the Pooh


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Look What Someone Did...I Am So Upset...just Sick I Tell Ya...poor Winnie The Pooh And I Am Not Sure This Is Right, But I Don't Know How To Report Anyone.......I Was Always The Good Girl...but This Makes Me Mad...ok Ok Sorry For Venting...but I Had This E-mailed To Me And They Said This Was About My Winnie The Pooh....this Is Not Right...help Winnie Please!!!
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Well with enough people reporting it they will pull it im sorry but i reported it hope no one gets mad at me oh well so be it


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I reported it too. That is really a sick person! (and I don't even like Winnie) ;) They took off the penis shaped rock saying it had to be under mature but they leave this one up in bizarre?????
I believe someone has just qualified for their one-way ticket to the looney bin! What voice in his head told him "do it and they will buy"? SICK!!!


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It just shows you how sick this world really is. I am sure glad my daughter is still sleeping, wouldn't want you to stumble across this my mistake. She loves winnie the pooh.


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Well thank you all for replying...and for the ones that turned him in....just sick I tell ya!!!! How do you go about turning someone in to ebay anyway??? I think he needs more people to tell ebay...
thank you