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Look her in the eyes.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Why? Well, according to this link, looking a counterpart in the eyes will help them to be more attracted to you.

Discuss? Does eye contact seem to effect another person's attractiveness to you?


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Well, it doesn't hurt to have the one you care about look into your eyes and you into her eyes. I love looking into my wife's eyes.


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If the woman loves attentiveness and affection of course that would be a good thing to do. It's all about coming off as romantic as you possibly can.


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Staff member
It's funny because this reminds me of an interesting observation. Women tend to prefer sitting opposite each other when talking so that they can make eye contact, while men prefer sitting side by side, so they don't have to make eye contact.


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I think eye contact is very important!

[This is what i think] If you make eye contact with a woman while talking to her and not looking at the floor or somewhere else (won't give examples... xD) they will think that you are a person with confidence... And i think that a person who radiates confidence has a bit more chance with attracting the opposite sex.... XD