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look at this ad... is this allowed?


Registered Member
Hey there tania,

Yes,,,they advertise it as a "rubber" finger, so it is allowed...now if it were a real finger... :lol:


Registered Member
Ya but for those who may skim and not read it it looks a bit gross... Ya I know it's fake but still...


Registered Member
Wow, the poor finger...lol
Now wait a minute! I'm definately will be watching this, because if this auction goes any where over $100, then I know people buy just about anything on ebay.


Registered Member
Woweee! not only is it ok to list but, it's just so gross I had to bid on it for my son! hmmm, some new bidder guy is still higher than me, hmmm, wonder if he's a "real" bidder.