Longest time you've waited in line for something


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My memory is going on me...so I'm not sure if this thread was ever created, and it didn't appear when I searched for it. I was wondering what's the longest time you've waited in line for something?? I once waited 2 and a half hours in the freezing cold to get into a bar one night. It was the Grand Opening, and my buddy's friend was the DJ, and he really wanted to see him..I wanted to leave 30 mins in, but didn't :mad:
Not sure really, but probably either at a theme park (I think we waited for about 2.5 hours once) or to get into the opening of a club. A friend and I didn't even really want to go because it was so packed, but the other person we were with asked us stay in line with her, so we waited for about 2 hours then went home when we got to the entrance :laugh:


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We've definitely had this thread before, but not recently.

I've waited in line several hours for roller coasters. And I waited in line for over three hours in the cold for Ohio State football tickets and didn't get any.


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Had to wait two hours in a line to pay for my nephew's school textbook fees. Next time the bastard can pay it himself.

Charming :lol:

Anyway, I think the longest I've waited in line for something would be about 3 hours. A few of my friends were wanting to get an autpgraph of some singer person I had never heard of, but I waited with them because we were doing something after they had got their autograph.


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Where to begin...I have waited in line for over 3 hours to ride a brand new roller coaster, I have waited (camped out) in lines for concert tickets. Been stuck in an Airport for 2 days waiting to get home.
The most recent one was waiting in line for 2 1/2 hours to get Stan Lee's and Alex Ross's autographs at a local comic book signing. It was well worth the wait.


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This is going to sound stupid but I once waited an hour to get served a drink at a bar. Once I'd been waiting for more than 20 mins it became about about the principle so I waited and waited. When the drink finally came I downed it, threw my cup on the floor and stormed out of the club ha ha.
At least 40 minutes for trying to get on certain rides the last time my family went to the Orlando theme parks. I was standing in line for like 45 minutes when we were getting on the Mummy ride in Universal Studios, which was a ride I was trying not to go on but enjoyed anyway.

Then it was a solid hour of waiting for my turn to get on the Mission: Space ride in Epcot the day before.


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Amusement park lines have always been my longest wait, anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. I don't mind lines, it gives me a chance to daydream and people watch.


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Ten hours. Desperate measures to get a paper that our group urgently needed for a tour and the office would only welcome the first 100 people to get in. It opens at 8am so we thought going at 5am would be fine. Fortunately we were out having dinner the night before and passed by the office to see the line has been building as early as 10pm. We decided to get in line and "slept" there.

Other than that, the long waits (1-2 hours) are for public transport especially during strike periods, Disney or other theme park rides, and the immigration line at a US airport.