Longest time you went with no sleep


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what was the longest time you went without sleep?

the longest time i went without sleep was 48 hours. we were coming home from a trip over seas and I did not sleep on the flight back to the states. We then got to Chicago O'hare and we spent all night at the airport. When I finally got home, i pretty much slept all day


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Sleeping is probably the thing that I'm worst at doing. I have terrible sleep patterns. I go from sleeping like 12+ hours every night for maybe 2 months, to not sleeping for maybe 3 nights, to sleeping maybe 3-4 hours a night! I think 3 nights is the longest I've gone.


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I can come within 5-10 hours of a full 72 hours without sleep if I really have to. I can only remember one time that I was awake for well over 48 hours. I can do two days fairly easily. 24 hours is cake.


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65 or so hours hours.

From Melbourne to Belgrade counts as 36 hours or so, drive to where I lived, add two hours to that, that's 38. Spend the day with the relatives, that's about 16 hours, that's 54 and the other 12 hours walking around the town, catching up with my old mates.


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Anywhere from 36 to 48 hours. By the time you are up that long I think it all blurs together at that point lol I just know it was during a work week and I was jacked up at work the next day after not having any sleep and couldn't tell you the time I finally crashed.


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Probably about 72 hours. I was very ill at the time. Every time I would doze off, I would get a tickle in my throat and start coughing. It was horrible. Nothing OTC worked and I had to go back to the Dr. for a 2nd time for a strong prescription.


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I regularly do 24-48 hours without sleep, i dont really have a need to spend more than 48 hours without sleep but i think the longest ive been would be 72 hours, and i love the feeling of sleep deprivation (you grow to love it).
For me it goes through 5 stages. I start off as everyone does by yawning (about 18-24 hours without sleep) and generally overcome this with a good strong coffee. Then i go into the overly-energetic stage(24-30 hours), apparently quite entertaining for people who have normal sleep patterns. Then comes the stage where everything is hilariously funny(about the 31 hour mark), this only lasts around 1/2 hour to a hour. Then comes the stage where its like ive just woken up, and this pretty much lasts till i go to sleep, unless stage number 5 comes around which is the grumpy stage, and thats where people need to stay clear :lol:
This is only possible for me with lots of coffee and red bull among other things
Sometimes if I can't sleep for a while I'll just give up and stay up all night, then I don't sleep at all the next day, and go to bed at my normal time of about 4/5am the next night because it doesn't really affect me at all, I can loose a night's worth of sleep and hardly notice the difference, so I semi-regularly stay up for near 40 hours. I have no idea what the longest I've been awake for is though, so I gave that answer instead lol. I'd guess around 45 hours or so.