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Longest time without sleep

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New Member
What is the longest you have gone without sleeping?

For me it is around the 72hour mark, I did a movie marathon and just kept going lol.


Registered Member
I've answered this question 3 times since I joined this forum :lol:

Same here,i have recently pulled a 72 hour straight through,insomnia can be a bitch, but i am starting to get into a better sleep pattern,i did the 72 before i finished work for the holidays,couldnt sleep at night so just kept going till i finished on the last day.


Boom Boom Pow!
i have only went 24 hours without sleep. anymore that that i just cant do.

when i went without sleep for 24 hours i nearly died. i dont know how some of yous have went 72 hours without sleep!! lol


Registered Member
Mine is prob about 50 hours, a bad memory too, so I'll leave it there !
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