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Longest time without seeing your gf/bf


living on the border
Me and my boyfriend see each other pretty much everyday. There was one day when we werent able to see each other because he had to go to an air show with his dad. That day was hard but I was sick so i slept through it.

Now, his father dragged him up to New Hampshire for the weekend and I havent seen him since Friday afternoon and wont see him again until tomorrow morning...if that. Its killing both of us.

Whats the longest time youve gone without seeing your bf/gf and how did you deal with it?


Problematic Shitlord
A weekend and it's killing you?

The most I've gone in my current relationship is probably about 4-5 days and we both handle it just fine. We both like time to ourselves but really love our time together. We both kind of have the same, relaxed pace about things :lol:


No Custom Title Exists
The most I've gone without my girlfriend is two weeks and that was within the first month we started dating so I guess it didn't affect me as I was still in the process of getting to know her much better.


Sally Twit
A few months. It was horrible.

When we first got together we lived over three hours apart. I was still in school and he was studying at college. It was hard to get money to see each other.

I can understand red feeling sad for not seeing him for a weekend. I am so used to having my boyfriend here and I really miss him loads when he goes to see his family every so often.
Because we were in a long distance relationship for years I don't like it when he's not here. It takes me back to that time where I was really struggling not seeing him.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Four months. Thank goodness for the internet and webcams and cheap fone call products. I can imagine though when you're used to being together everytime and suddenly you have to be apart. Even a couple of days or a few hours may appear hard. The thing is, you should spend time trying to do other things you may have forgetten existed or haven't had time to do because you're too busy with your partner. It's good time to catch up on those and good way to pass the time and handle the being apart.


Registered Member
The longest time I've gone without seeing my boyfriend were 2 weeks and 2 days. Having facebook and our cellphones makes things easier though when being a long time apart. I miss him really badly when we have to be apart for that long. I see that's nothing compared to some of you.


Living on the 0th floor
I have never really gone all that long without seeing my partner in any of my relationships. I'd say the longest I have gone in my current relationship, from the first time we met in person (not from when we started talking), was about a month.. If even. I wouldn't like to go that long now, but I could go about a week before i'd probably start to go a little insane.


Where is my Queen?
The longest time I have spent without seeing my gf is 24 hours. We made an agreement that I can have a guy's night out every week. Sometimes wish it was for 48 or more hours though.


Registered Member
My boyfriend and I had to live in separate cities for a couple of months while I went job hunting & got things set up for us out here. He came and visited me as soon as he was able, but we did go through a whole month without seeing each other. It sucked, but we texted each other frequently, sent pics, and talked whenever we could, so all it did in the end was solidify our relationship even more because we perfected the art of communication during that time.