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Longest/Shortest Time w/ One Game


Haters gonna hate.
Well this is a cut and dry situation and a cut and dry question.

First, how many hours did you put into your longest game?

Second, how many hours (or minutes) did you put into your shortest game?

For me, I put over 125 hours into Skyrim, which makes sense. However, I got immensely bored/frustrated with Trials HD, and stopped playing it after an hour (however I may go back to it because I love Trials Evolution so much, hahaha).


I have NO idea how many hours exactly I put into it. But from the age of like 9 until about... 12 or 13 I basically spent years playing Age of Empires 2. For so long it was the only game I played. For years I played it over and over again, either by myself or via LAN with my neighbour. It would be a tie between that and Pokemon Red on Gameboy Colour, which I had for years when I was younger and played it like it was the last game on Earth.

I recently finished Journey, which is designed to be a short game. Fairly sure I can finish it in about 1 hour and 40 mins or so. But I've played it through multiple times already, so the time would be adding up. Does that still count?


Haters gonna hate.
That still counts, Crou. I'll go with one playthrough of any game.

A close second for the longest time spent with a game was the ~100 hours I spend with Civ IV. Damn good game and I will get my hands on Civ V soon, I swear it.


For a single player game, it's probably a tie between Fallout 3, L.A. Noire & Red Dead Redemption for me. I know I easily broke 60 hours with all of them. That's almost too long for me.

Shortest game... Resident Evil: Survivor. A little under an hour & a half. Pathetic. Haha.

I'm guessing multiplayer games don't count? Because MW3 would take the crown.


Repeated games it would have to be Age of Empires, I know of numerous times that I have played 6 hour LAN games against friends.

The longest I've played in one play through would be Final Fantasy XII, damn that game is long if you want to find everything, hunt all the monsters, get all the weapons and beat the game.

The shortest game was probably Devil May Cry 2 ( or maybe 3) I believe on the PS2, that game was frustratingly hard for kid version of me and I gave up after an hour. I want to go back and beat that game just to say I can.


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The shortest amount of time with one game is probably 0 hours. Haha. I know I have some games that I haven't played. Whenever I had a job and there was used game deals, I'd buy 3 or so at a time and one would sit.

I've spent well over 150 hours playing Pokemon games in my heyday. I think I spent even more time playing Final Fantasy IX and X.


AKA Ass-Bandit
According to Steam, my longest is Skyrim, with around 229 hours. My shortest, however, would probably be You Have To Burn The Rope, clocking in at around 2 minutes or less.


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I don't have an answer for the shortest time spent with a game, but the longest has been by far and away Monster Hunter Tri. I've clocked nearly two hundred hours on that so far, and that's mostly because it's one of the hardest titles I've ever played. Loving it though.


aka ginger warlock
The longest game I ever played is a tie between GTA San Andreas and Age Of Empires but I think AOE probably wins. I do remember spending a lot playing GTA and replaying after completing it.

Shortest time was Metal Gear Solid, I completed it within 2 hours and was disappointed, luckily I had borrowed it and hadn't paid for it.


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The longest game I've ever played, without a doubt is Black Ops, I am at around 145 hours mark.

As for the shortest game..Red Faction. Pure shit.