Longest Battle?


007 Vegita

hhuummm.....in your opinion what was the longest battle in the whole DBZ/GT? For me i would have to say the battle with Frieaza and Goku SSJ. Thats what i think was the longest battle. What do you think is the longest battle. The evil shenron saga does not count because they had numerous fights with different dragons.


I think fighting Buu...cause that was long, but if you choose only one type of Buu (kid, super, fat Buu) than probably have to go with Frieza!


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Freiza one was the longest, it was cool that he turned Super Saiyan, because he was the first one to do it. But in my opinion it took him to long to turn Super Saiyan I wish he turned a long time before. But it sure made it interesting when he finally reached that level.


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Definately the Frieza battle because he goes through all of his forms and then he fights goku for like 20 episodes lol