Long Time Gamer..

Hey to you all. The name is Raziel X and I'm here to help with RPG's, SOME adventure, and to have a good time.. I've been gaming for 18 years...(I'm 23).

I've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful... I've also been to E3 and the Tokyo Game Show.... I enjoy talking to people and I'll post every chance I get!!!

Enjoy and thanks for having me....



Staff member
Hey welcome and good to have you here. I've always wanted to go to E3. I know a guy who made it to some videogame and tech expos in Vegas that seemed pretty cool but I've never made it to any.

What type of RPG's do you like? PC or console or both?
I'm a console person, but I will; dabble in the PC realm at times...

As for RPG's, I'm currently on four RPG's at the same time...

Phantom Brave
Dragon Quest 8
and now just added to my collection- Makai Kingdom