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Long Term Photography Contest #1


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
This contest will run for three months from today. Our theme is going to be Wildlife Photography. Any photograph found to be outside of the rules, though we're lenient, can be disqualified. Here are the rules we have agreed on thus far:

1. Only photographs taken during the contest time are to be accepted.
2. Please limit images to 720 pixels in height or smaller. For the sake of consistency let's try to keep it under 1080 pixels in width. That's 720p resolution and it should be plenty for our needs.
3. The theme is wildlife. That means no household pets of any kind. Get out there in nature, people! Let's see some animals. I think we should reward multiple animals in the voting but that's completely subjective.

Deadline: July 4th, 2014. All submissions should be clearly marked in the PM subject line. Please specify the contest you're submitting for.
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Free Spirit
Staff member
Considering how much time we have to get a shot of a wild animal surely I can come up with at least one good one. I will be looking forward to seeing the entries on this one.
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I may have a go at this myself, just got the camera back from being fixed.
Like Hi I'm pretty sure I can get a decent shot in that time frame.
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