Loner Or People Person?

Do you prefer being alone, or with other people?

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Do you prefer being on your own, or in a group of people? How do you feel when you're in large crowds?


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I'm really picky about the people I let myself be around for periods of time. At the moment, there is only two I could imagine spending more than two days with at a time. Otherwise I prefer to be by myself.


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I'm fine either way. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I'd like to be in a crowd (like that ad that wooly posted where people just danced at the train station) and sometimes I just prefer if people would leave me alone.
There should be an option for "in between". Sometimes I spend time alone, and sometimes I go out with my mates. I personally find it unhealthy being mostly a lonely person or mostly a people person.


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Generally I would say that I prefer being alone or with a small number of people, but sometimes I do like to be in a larger group. If I am to be with a larger group of people I would have to be with people that I know. Also it depends on what I am doing with the large group, if it's going out on the town for a night then a larger group does make it more fun.


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I love being around people, but I don't like large groups all that much. I like to hangout in 1 on 1 groups or maybe a group of 4 people. It all just depends on the day and how the day is going lol. There are some times that I do want some alone time.. I need that time to recharge and regain my sanity sometimes.

Chaos didn't answer his own question!

Answer Nao!


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Generally I prefer being alone but I do need the company too. I don't much like large groups and I rather spend time with few good friends than many people who I don't know that well.


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I like to be around people, but every now and again i like to be alone to gather my thoughts. I enjoy meeting new people and spneding time with them getting to know them


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I'm a loner.:-/

I like the feedom of independance, everything is 100% a variable of you (that should be me!:confused:). I am very spontaneous whilst remaining completly indecisive, it is definatly a loner trait.