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Lonely Hearts Columns


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Have you seen these? Often posted in local newspapers, a section devoted to people writing in short snippets of information in order to attract a would-be suitor, or sexual partner or whatever.

A couple of examples, from my local rag include:
Women seeking Men
"47YR old medium build lady, seeks male 45-56 for freindship, maybe more..."

"Attractive intelligent blonde, in need of affection, looking for a loving, tactile, sincere man who can put the spring back in my step? ACA."

Men seeking Women
"Attractive professional male, 41, seeks female for fun times."


And so on. First of all, do you reckon these ads are a good way to go about this? I personally have never considered using such a service, and probably never will. However, there are quite a lot of ads in these, printed in every issue of the paper. Are they the cries of desperate people, or just a practical method of acquiring love/affection etc that people seemingly strive for?
I actually feel sorry for some of them, I hope they find their person.

Anyway, as a side issue, and a little activity:
Please submit your own version of one of these, even if you have a gal or a bloke, just do one as though you were looking for someone. As though you were single.
Other members of the forum are encouraged to respond to them too, act as though you don't know the person posting. Going off the information they submit, would you be interested in pursuing the person behind the ad?

And generally discuss the issue of 'lonely hearts columns' -


And for the sake of it, here's my lonely hearts column.

"Single male, 23, tall, handsome, lots of interests. Looking for a kind-hearted, fun girl, 20-29 to share great times with."

*Like that, although these are actually harder than I first thought :S -

P.S. I wasn't sure where to post this, I thought I'd steer clear of D&R as it's a bit more for troubles and problems. Also, I think discussion of a discussiony nature could occur for this.
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I've seen a few in my newspaper. I tend to skip them 'cuz I assume they are scammers trying to get me dough! The technological savvy folks can now just go on CraigsList if they're lookin' for love. I went there to look for apartments and saw tons of personal ads. I scanned a few out of curiosity and A LOT of people be posting naked pictures of themselves. Fun stuff, I say check it out for lulz.

My personal ad? Hmm... let's see:

26 single white male interested in spamming forums, video games, rock music, bike riding and nude skydiving looking for 23-30 yr. old girl that... arg.. (this is tough) enjoys not being beaten by her mate, dislikes kids, dislikes Sarah Palin and is working on her quest for the perfect tan.
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I always get a bit of a chuckle out of them when I see them in the paper. I guess they're the alternative to dating sites for the technologically retarded. Neither are something I would do. I find it kinda funny that the ones from females seeking males are generally asking for friendship/relationships and the ones from males seeking females are just looking for a bit of fun.

Do I really have to make one up? Yeah, passing on that one :lol:


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"Woman, married, 50, seeks tennis players to meet for a one weekly doubles match and one weekly singles match"


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Ms. Malone
The x-mas ones are funny :lol:

'Lonely Santa seeks young, sexy elf for xmas fun' Stuff like that, lol.


I ♥ Haters
The x-mas ones are funny :lol:

'Lonely Santa seeks young, sexy elf for xmas fun' Stuff like that, lol.
:lol: My sentiments exactly.

I find "want ads" hilarious. In fact, a friend and I like to troll people on the Vancouver Craigslist with a fake email account sometimes :lol2: (Yeah, I know its not a nice thing to do, but it sure is funny.)

I guess my personal ad would look something like this:

"single female 23, searching for soul-mate with money that will put expensive food in her and nothing else. must like wrestling and Cheeto's."

I would actually post this on craigslist just for teh lulz.


Sally Twit
I always find for the amount of room you have to write it is a complete waste of time. You only have enough space to be general and I always think the people who use them are really desperate. Nobody should be alone and I wish everyone could find a mate, I just think there are easier ways of going about it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think it works. If people read it enough to post in it then people read it too to look for responses and possible mates. It's less common now though with internet. Basically profiles in social websites are sort of advertisement of who we are and our relationship status. :lol:

I can't think randomly of what my ad would look like.


It's not me, it's you.
These days I think most of those ads are just means for a hook up instead of a relationship. I wouldn't place an ad myself, and probably wouldn't seek anyone by means of reading said ads.

I'm not sure how mine would read. I would have to assume if I were writing such an ad, I would be single. Probably something along the lines of, female seeking male, must be into video games, and must be employed.