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Discuss Lonely guy wants to talk


aka ginger warlock
The idea of giving my phone number out to people is something I dislike doing, call me skeptic, call me paranoid but I do not wish to have every person in the world or even my city knowing my phone number. But what if you did? What if you gave out your number to random people? Well Jeff Ragsdale did just that:

Jeff Ragsdale: The man who gave the world his number

When Jeff Ragsdale went through a difficult break-up last year, he found himself isolated and alone in New York City.

Desperate, he put his phone number on a flier along with a simple message: "If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me." He posted copies all across the city, and waited.

The response was overwhelming, with thousands of calls coming from across the US and around the world.

Jeff and two collaborators then transcribed the conversations, text messages and voice mails, publishing them in Jeff, One Lonely Guy.
In some ways this is something to me scream madness, you never know who is going to call you, what they are going to want or how they will communicate, we are all freinds here but we are still in a walled garden, if you do not wish people to know something about you you do not have to, giving a number however I think changes that.

On the other hand things like this almost give you faith in society, that there are still people out there who are decent and are willing to help complete strangers if only because everyone out there knows what it is to be lonely.

But what is your take on this?


Registered Member
I don't like just giving out my number willy nilly either. I like the fact that I get to choose who to invite into my inner circle and who to keep at arm's length. In fact, it's necessary. I need time in the day to fulfill my responsibilities, and being phoned every two minutes would definitely wreck that all to hell.

Having said that, I do admire what this guy did. I tend to forget that there are other people who are just as legitimately needy when it comes to companionship as me. This is a nice reminder of that, and makes me wonder if I shouldn't be just a little more open to strangers than I currently am...
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Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm not big on talking on the phone to begin with so I know I would not do this. I would also be afraid the wrong type of person would be calling me plus my phone would be ringing constantly which would bug me. This man is braver than I would be but if its what he likes to do and it helps him with the breakup more power to him.


Registered Member
I think that's kind of cool and brave of him, but definitely not something I would do. It's putting a lot of trust in society to do something like that, and good on him, but I wouldn't dare myself!


Registered Member
Was the whole thing calculated as an experiment to specifically make a book? That's the first impression I get.

If its genuine....I can't relate to it at all. But that's because I don't enjoy just any ol' topic with just any ol' person. I am very familiar with lonely though. Luckily I've found enough people to have in my life that help me fight lonely.


A Darker Knight
He must have a ton of free time, and unlimited minutes because I would be broke if thousands of people called me wanting to talk.

But I actually wouldn't mind doing this myself if the circumstances were right. Talking to random strangers can be fun. I just wish there was a way to filter out trolls.


aka ginger warlock
I don't believe it was done in such a way shel, I think the idea was basically that he was lonely, didn't have anyone he felt he could talk to and started taking exerts of the conversations and text messages and placed them into the book.


Sally Twit
When I first read this thread I was interested in buying the book but the reviews are not good at all. I guess I'll pass!

I have to say it is definitely a possibility that it was a publicity stunt. I'd like to think not, though. It seemed like a nice idea as it encouraged people with problems to speak about them with a stranger, which is often easier. Hopefully those people felt much better about what was going on for them.


blue 3
This really isn't a new concept. I mean people have done it on imgur before as well, and I'm sure reddit has done it as well. I mean it's a cool idea, and I think it takes a certain amount of courage, but I'm just too busy for that crap haha. Now if I was unemployed living by myself, i think I'd consider it, there's no harm in talking with people. I mean what's the worst that can happen? Some random screaming person cussing you out? Sweet. Just hang up. Call multiple times? Block 'em. Who cares?