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    From Sports Illustrated:

    "NFL Game balls underwent a change this season. The signature of new comissioner Roger Goodell replaced that of Paul Tagliabue. What does Goodell's sig say about the kind of commisioner he might be? According to Bart Baggett of, Goodell should delight fans and reporters: He's straightfoward and gabby. "The clear Inner space in his O's means that he's very honest" says Bagett "and the open space at the top of the O shows that he's talkative. The rightward slant indicates that he is sociable, Bagett adds. But if you mock him, you'll have something to deal with. The fact that the second L in his last name is taller tahn the first means that he doesn't like to be ridiculed." says Bagett. "He appears to be an ethical man who is friendly and loves the challenge of responsibility".

    LOL, didn't know there were people in this world that analyze signatures

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    It's actually quite a scientific study. Slant, especially direction as well as letter connections and other quirks, means a lot in identifying hidden and subconscious traits.

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    I think it's bullshit... it's just what's easy to write quickly for me.

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