Logging Out?


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I just got logged out of GF without clicking anything. This is the second time this has happened to me today. The first being this morning. Help?


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Try setting your browser to remember your password, that happens to me too if I don't set that.

How long does it wait before it happens?


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Already have it set to automatically remember me.

It doesn't seem to be a set time. This morning it was about 5 minutes after opening up GF, but just before it was about 1-2 hours into looking having it open.


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ysabel said she is having this too. Not really sure what the deal is though. I'm keeping an eye open for it but it hasn't happened to me at all yet.


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This happened to me yesterday when I was on GF at work. I had been on about 5 minutes - went to reply to a thread and it asked me to sign in again!
I was using Explorer at the time.. Not sure if that made a difference?


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So I wasn't alone then. :hah:

I always have the "remember me" box ticked and I never have to log on unless I log out on purpose (which I do often). However in the past days I just get logged out without a warning. The good thing is that when I'm typing a reply, it doesn't get lost after I log back in.

ps. And it just happened again as I was posting this reply, haha.


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Mmm, it's getting a bit annoying. Not only I get logged out and have to log back in but that stupid ad transforms the page before I can finish typing my log in details.