Locking Yourself Out


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Have you ever locked yourself out, whether it be your house or car?

I had an incident the other week where I completely forgot to grab my keys before I went out. I got home around 10pm to no-one home, and no keys. Everyone was out drinking and unable to drive me keys. I ended up waiting outside in the cold for about an hour and having to ring my nana who lives out in the country to bring me keys. And just typical, 10 minutes after I get inside, my sister turns up :rolleyes:

Never locked myself out of my car though.


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I locked myself out of the house countless times, most recently was when I forgot to grab my set of keys on a day where I ditched part of school and my brother decided to keep his key on him that day. So I was out in negative degree wind chill while it was snowing.


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havent you heard that blonde joke?

2 blondes went shopping at their favorite mall and had a good time they were gone for most of the day and when they went back out to their car burdened with all their goodies one blonde realized that shed locked herself out so they were forced to struggle with the car doors trying to pick the lock, natural blondes as i would be could not pick a lock worth a damn and failed miserably after about an hour. At this point it was starting to rain so the second blonde says to the first "we better hurry up and find a way in cause its starting to rain and we left the sunroof open!!!"

lmao the first time i hear that story i had a good laugh over it :p


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I've done it in a car a few times and I was extremely pissed off at myself for doing so. My brother and my dad have a spare key so I don't have to call a locksmith, but I have to call one of them to meet me where I am to unlock the door for me. It's usually a headache since their pretty far when it does happen.


i've locked myself out several times. i remember when we used to live in the old apartment, mom locked us out and we had to call the fire fighters to help us with their ladders so that we could get in from the windows - thank God i had left a window a bit opened, at that time.
neighbors thought there was fire inside the house ... lol...
It's impossible for me to lock myself out of my car since you need the keys with you to lock it.
As for house, yes, many times. When me and my brother first got given house keys, we were forever going round to my next-door neighbour's to ask for their spare. One time I went round there after school because I was locked out, and it turned out that my brother hadn't returned the key yet from last time, so I just sat on my doorstep and waited. I called my mum after a while and she came home from work, oops.

And then there was this time I went out at around 5am to go for a walk, and I didn't bring a key. When I came home I just went round the back garden and sat watching the fish until my parents woke up for work.


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I used to always get locked out....but only when I hit 18.....for some reason I ALWAYS managed to forget my key when i went on a night out.

Once my friend and I decided to stay in the club till it closed at 7am then just go to macdonalds to get breakfast before going into uni because we'd both forgotten our house keys and our mums would have gone mental. Haha

Aww Now I stay out till that time no matter what (I love having night gaurds they're much more pleasant at 4am when your drunk and loud than a parent is :lol: )



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I've locked myself out of my car at the mall once and had to call a locksmith. Locked myself out of the car at the bowling alley one time with the damn thing running, that pissed me off. I was on the phone at the time and it was that time when people had bagged phones and I had mine wired into the vehicle so when I parked I was still talking and then hopped out when I was done, slam. Shit. Had to call my mother to bring me my extra key from my place.

Locked myself out of the house a few times and now I know how to break in so it's here nor there on that one.


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Funny you should mention this as I went to my parents' on Wednesday and I forgot my key to their house. They always tell me to take it just to be safe as they're sometimes late home. I ended up waiting thirty minutes in the cold for my mum!


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In the past 4 years I've locked myself out of my home 3 times. Once I traveled on bus all the way to another city to collect the keys from my husband, but by the time I arrived my husband was due to finish working so I waited for half an hour then went home with him.
Another time I went to my neighbour's and got my brother in law to drop the keys off. Had to wait for about an hour till that happened.
Can't remember what happened the 3rd time.