Lockerbie bomber released

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    Today they released on compassionate grounds the only person ever convicted of the terrorist attack on Pan-Am flight 103 which killed 270 people on 21st December 1988 over the small town of Lockerbie, Scotland.

    Here is the Scottish Justice Ministers statement;
    Lockerbie bomber released: Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill's statement in full - Telegraph

    Here is Al Megarhi's statement;

    Here is a timeline of events:
    Lockerbie bomber: timeline - Telegraph


    I kind of feel they did the right thing, guilty or not I feel it is little more than poor judgement to keep him incaserated to die, on the basis that his trial and the investigation around it was a sham. If he did do it he did not do it alone and in the pursuit to find a culprit it allowed the perptrators to walk free. A scapegoat is little compensation for the victims & their famillies.

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  2. MenInTights

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    Interesting. I've never heard him called a scapegoat. Not doubting you, that's just not the way it was reported over here. I could see it happening though. People demanding justice and so they grab someone that is loosely tied to the crime. Interesting - will add it to my mile high stack of stuff I want to read about.
  3. Bananas

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    Yeah in the UK a lot of people believe he was innocent, Im not 100% convinced that he was innocent just that the evidence we used to make him guilty cant be trusted. There is also other circumstances surrounding his conviction that are very iffy. Why was he the only person to be found guilty whilst the other guy walked? Why were the CIA offering money to the people who were testifying against him? Why was some evidence analysed and scrutinised by forensics yet other bits accepted as fact without question?.

    It is a very interesting case to read and there are a lot of gaping holes and quite a few revelations of what went on behind the scenes during the investigation, of course there are 101 conspiracy theories too, however his investigation and his trial leave so many questions open they are not to be dismissed easily.

    When you do read up on this I strongly recommend reading from multiple sources as I suspect the US media only tells the bits of the story they want to be heard.
  4. Nixola

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    I can understand why they let him go.

    But a big part of me doesnt agree with his release. He was convicted of mass murder and now he has been released under grounds of compassion. If he had commited the crimes he was convicted for, he did not show any compasion for any of the victims of the crash or the victim's family. Why should he be shown compassion?
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    I don't know much about his trial and the investigation leading to his conviction and I agree with Bananas, multiple sources should be read if you want to know more as the news here is pretty sketchy about stuff like this especially since it was all done overseas.

    That being said, IF the investigation wasn't a sham and he was found guilty legitimately, I agree with Nix in that I don't think they should have let him go. Let him die in prison, it's still more merciful than what he showed to his victims.
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  6. Chaos

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    I remember hearing this on the news. We actually covered this case when I was in college. I'm not sure whether I think he's guilty or not, personally, but if he did do it, it'll mean he's only served two weeks in jail for every person who died. That's not right in any way. Terminal cancer or no, I don't think someone should get away with that. But on the other hand I can also see why some might think it's only fair to let him go.

    This is one of the cases that I'm truly on the fence for.
  7. Bananas

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    Its a difficult pill to swallow, I feel the last few paragraphs in this article sums up the decision well.


  8. welburn75

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    A tricky subject, really,

    On one hand you've got the perfectly reasonable reasons of the scotish Mp, treat as you would want too be treat

    on the other hand you've got the families and victims saying its an outrage another case of justice not be given

    who's right well,

    both have good cases and both have reasons to support and reasons to disagree

    but i lean (on this occasion) too the ministers side;

    he was showing compassion in order to say look how we are

    he also knows he'll be dead in a few months -- and wont take up NHS resource's

    and he did what he believed was right and how can be blamed for that, if he had died in prison the papers would of had a feild day -- "innocent"man dies alone.

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