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Location help


New Member
Hi. Is there any American around here who can tell me what's this place called, and where it is? Thanks in advance.
img233. imageshack. us/i/img0584a.jpg


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Here's the IMG tagged version of the photo:

Sorry, I don't know where that is. It looks like it may be a hotel or gallery somewhere up north.


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It looks like it could be some kind of mirror trick, like at a museum.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, like Echoes said it looks a lot like a mirror trick rather than it being an actual place.


New Member
It's a real place, and I think it's in Los Angeles. And thanks to the one who showed the image, I'm not good at that kind of things.


Can't be a mirror trick as the pillars toward the end behind the first 2 people change (look different) but with a mirror trick they would all be the same.