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Local trends


Anonym0uz Bitch

We were already broken up, but she still got extremely angry with me, and was even more pissed off too.

We were talking on the phone, and I accidently told her about her cousin and I smoking, without thinking, which really got her going.


Registered Member
tattoos and piercings. i can't wait to get my tattoo and i already have both ears pierced as well as my tongue. lets just say my ex is very pleased with the tongue ring if you know what i mean.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Those are not really local trends Lavoid, they are every where trends.


It's okay to include "every where trends". you'd be suprized at the things some communities are missing.
For example, until recently, none of the guys in my neighborhood smoked weed. The thing to do was play basketball. Recently everyones on it though.