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Local trends



MaruDashi said:
The Mercenary said:
Damnit I hate those things. I even saw a baby-size one on a little kid. Now that's child abuse.
In my school they even pass out buttons that say "Vote For Pedro"
LOL, is someone actually dumb enough to buy it for everyone?


Likes snow
My high school's trend is Chuck Norris. One of the homecoming duos advertised themselves with their names surrounded by Chuck Norris Jokes.

(And yes, I have seen Napolean Dynamite. I know what Vote for Pedro is. I meant to say Vote for Pedo.)


SOmeone made a series of t-shirts using a series of tv mascots to promote ghetto stuffs.
theres one w/ the WB logo, that says, if you see the cops, Warn a Brother
There a few w/ the m n' m's getting high.
One says Frosted Ice with tony the tiger on it
One says Weedies - the t-shirt has a picture of a box of weedies with a bowl full of GONJAH!!!
There a few others, but those are the only ones I can remember. I think Jeezy (or who ever made the snow man T-shirts, is making them)


theres a lot of loony toons t shirts here with like, bugs bunny lookin mad with a grill and shit. lol


A Darker Knight
some people like to play bloody knuckle or whatever the crap that is. It's where you try to keep a quarter spinning and if you lose you get a quarter flicked at your knuckle. I say it's pretty stupid, but if they think it's cool, then by all means...

I do remember in middle school where there were Vote For Pedro shirts and buttons and all that crap. I also hated it when everyone was quoting Napoleon. I practically knew the movie before I even saw it.

Anonym0uz Bitch

If you count blood knucles as a trend, then beer pong, and tip cup would be trends, but enjoyable trends.


I'v noticed a trend started by a friend of mine, ITS BLUR!!!, and people are abusing the sig bars lol


ROFL >.< LMAO ... yeah close is right, just look up, we are seperated by a thin, AND I MEAN THIN, gray line lol.